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如何修复 PSD 文件

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PSD Repair Kit 是一款强大的 Adobe PSD 修复工具。即使在数据损坏的情况下,PSD Repair Kit 也可以帮助修复损坏的 PSD 文件数据。

如何修复 Photoshop 项目. 修复损坏的 Adobe Photoshop*.psd 文件 - 逐步详细说明:

  1. 从以下网址下载 PSD Repair Kit:
  2. 安装 PSD Repair Kit
  3. 启动 PSD Repair Kit
  4. 选择损坏的 PSD 文件的文件名
  5. Next
  6. 选择输出 *.psd 文件的名称
  7. Recover

PSD 文件修复软件

如何修复 PSD 文件?

PSD Repair Kit 专门面向数字艺术家、插画师和摄影师设计,他们在工作中经常需要使用 PSD 文件以及从各种来源和媒体获取这些文件,其中的一些文件可能已经损坏并且无法打开。PSD Repair Kit 是一款功能强大的 Adobe PSD 修复工具,这款软件使用专有核心分析文件损坏、标识可恢复元素并将其从损坏的文件中提取出来,从而尽可能多地保留原始内容。这款 PSD 文件修复软件面向大众市场设计,拥有极其简化和高度直观的界面,非常适合希望一次性修复 PSD 文件数据的专业人员和普通用户使用。

如何修复 Photoshop 文件?

PSD Repair Kit 的智能核心可以逐层分析受损文件层的内容,并将可恢复元素提取到用户硬盘上完好的新 PSD 文件中。这款 Photoshop 文件修复工具是一款真正的通用型解决方案,支持版本 3 及更高版本的 PSD 文件,可以在运行早期版本Photoshop 的现代化和老式系统上使用。

Photoshop 修复 .PSD 文件软件

Photoshop 修复 .psd 文件软件在任何情况下都不会修改损坏的源文件,这让用户可以在恢复结果不尽人意的情况下使用其他恢复方法。

Photoshop 文件修复工具

这款 PSD 文件修复软件的主要特性包括:

  • 强大的专有文件分析引擎,可以恢复严重受损的文件
  • 支持版本 3 及更高版本的 Adobe Photoshop 文件
  • 直观的界面,只需几步简单的操作即可恢复,即使新手也能得心应手
  • 将数据准确恢复到新的 PSD 文件中(不需要在用户的计算机上安装 Photoshop)
  • 可以从官网下载免费的演示版 PSD Repair Kit。

PSD Repair Kit 有助于修复下一个错误:

  • 不是有效的 Photoshop 文件
PSD Repair Kit 不是一款开源软件或免费软件。PSD Repair Kit 采用先试用后购买的模式分发,并提供一个演示版本。程序不按照 GNU 通用公共许可 (GPL) 或 GNU 宽通用公共许可 (LGPL) 授权。

系统要求: Windows 98 及以上

Phúc Nguyễn Thành 2020-07-03


Gibbosity 2020-07-02

I'm stuck in the past, I still have a version of Photoshop CS3. So it says "Some groups were found corrupted and repaired" when opening a file. Even returning from the path where temp copies of the automatically saved version of the document are saved did not help. Adobe snickered, made Photoshop by subscription 12€/month. As a result, it turned out to fix this damn error so that the file opens, but to my surprise I noticed that the file was compressed in size and all the layers were preserved.

Telarian 2020-06-18

I have Adobe Photoshop file, which was corrupt when PS crashed. Now file cannot be opened. After recover, I got file, which was recovered with marge some layers.

GrabsbilSulcus 2020-06-03

Finally, I managed to fix the "End-of-file was encountered" error in Photoshop CS3. BUT recovering a 1.2GB .PSD file will take approximately an hour. If extra blank layers appeared in your project, they may have been depleted with others or the elements inside the layer were not restored, like mine.

Aggrate 2020-05-05

Today I received a notification by mail that my damaged Photoshop file was restored. I wanted to pay it, but I lost the link to pay and accidentally closed your site. Recovery cost only $10, and returned to me the previous working condition of my .PSD file.

Saurav Niroula 2020-04-07

Good product.Helped me a lot.I was frustrated.Tried lots of apps but finllay your product worked.Thanks for creating such product.We are in a safe hand because of people like you taking care of us.Thankyou so much.Saved love of my time.

motorolikin 2020-04-06

Cool online service for bad Photoshop files

AmirOman 2020-02-21

Large Photoshop files corrupt when saving and I get the message "File is corrupted" when try to open the file in Adobe Photoshop. After uploaded the file on this service, I had got large figures, masks, texts in my recovered PSD. It is repairing a damaged PSD file correctly, but You will have to return to the previous form by yourself.

Clau 2020-02-11

im trying... And online tool repaired bad .psd CS Adobe images

NAKA 2020-01-29

It couldn't recover completely my psd file. Only 50% of layers repaired.

Tomasz K 2019-12-17

Great software - it recovered the PSD file which Adobe couldn't

Tomasz K 2019-12-17

Great software - it recovered the PSD file which Adobe couldn't

pramudya 2019-11-30


George 2019-11-20

It hasn't been able to recover or fix my psd file.

Маша 2019-10-15

Islambek 2019-09-23

miki 2019-07-19


kirill 2019-07-07


ardor 2019-06-26

It's not completely repaired. I'm glad I found a little.T.T...

DEEKA 2019-06-03

Final graduation project file got damaged, i was in panic.!!!! Just saved a life, Thank you.

Yoycome 2019-05-17

thank you!

tanphad 2019-05-12


Arthur Velasco 2019-05-07

Guess it did its job, but it's making me review it beforehand

Isaac 2019-04-30

It got my path back from a super corrupt PSD. A+

elena 2019-04-29


elena 2019-04-29


hiz 2019-04-25


l 2019-03-26

photo 2019-03-05

HAIRIL SALLEH 2019-02-27

Hope this work

neelakandan 2019-02-27

some problem

Phanthanon 2019-02-27

Hesroni Sattu 2019-02-14


peter 2019-01-19

hope this works

jittakorn 2019-01-17

good jobb

jalal 2018-12-28

Moon 2018-10-15


Farid 2018-09-28


farid 2018-09-28

I like to repair this file

sky 2018-09-20

actually worked for me. lol.

Bren 2018-07-19

My images are all damaged by accident. This tool really helps me a lot to get most of the images.

Udomsak 2017-07-15


James 2017-01-11

Only 9 from 10 .psd files was repaired 100%. The remain file weren't restored at least 50%.

Charlie 2016-11-21

For my corrupt PSD file, the online service works well.

Sven 2015-05-25

Easy to install and use.

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